Binhai Water Company

Binhai Water Company

ZECO provides a large number of large-caliber flanged double offset butterfly valves, large-caliber resilient gate valves and silent check valves for the reconstruction of the old city pipe network in Binhai. These valves have been used in the pipe network for 4 years and their quality is stable. In order to ensure the 100% reliability of the valve in use, ZECO arranges the maintenance engineers to go to each water plant for maintenance regularly.

Binhai Water Company

Production Field

Binhai Water CompanyBinhai Water CompanyBinhai Water Company

Packing List:

1. Flanged Double Offset Butterfly Valve DN800-2000
2. Resilient Gate Valve DN300-800
3. Slient Check Valve DN300-600
4. Resilient Gate Valve with Magnetic Lock DN50-300

Client Feedback:

Enthusiastic service, regular maintenance to ensure water plant operation

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