Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is a civil airport about 28 kilometers north of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. With a flight area of 4F, it is one of the three major gateway hubs in China and one of the top 100 major airports in the world.

2004.8.5, the new Guangzhou Baiyun International airport was officially opened. During the construction period, they used ZECO's slient check valves, wafer concentric butterfly valves, y-strainers, and other valves, which are also very acceptable.

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Installation Scene

Guangzhou Baiyun AirportGuangzhou Baiyun AirportGuangzhou Baiyun AirportGuangzhou Baiyun AirportGuangzhou Baiyun Airport

Packing List:

1. Pressure Reducing Valve DN50-200
2. Pressure Relief(Sustaining) Valve DN50-200
3. Slient Check Valve DN50-300
4. Rising Stem Resilient Gate Valve DN50-300
5. Resilient Gate Valve DN50-300
6. Y-strainer DN50-300
7. Dirt Separator DN100-300

Client Feedback:

Reliable quality and excellent performance!

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