A Brief Description of Low Voltage Backflow Preventer

A Brief Description of Low Voltage Backflow Preventer

Low voltage backflow preventer is a product developed by our company to meet the requirements of national design specifications. Low pressure backflow preventer, as a kind of protection equipment to prevent medium backflow in low-pressure pipeline under the condition of cross-connection, and to ensure the sanitation and safety of water supply source, has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia, and has been clearly stipulated in their corresponding national standards or norms. In our country, with the acceleration of urbanization and the extension of municipal pipeline network, the requirement of setting anti-backflow measures for water supply pipelines is becoming more and more standardized and strict, which also increases the mandatory requirement of setting backflow preventers in water supply pipelines, and puts forward clear requirements for the resistance performance of such products.

But at present, while ensuring the safety of this kind of products at home and abroad, there are many problems such as large head resistance and bulky body, which can not fully meet the requirements of our current design specifications, and bring many inconveniences to design selection and practical use. In order to solve this problem, on the basis of digesting and absorbing the domestic and foreign related anti-reflux technology achievements, the company has successfully developed a new generation of low-pressure anti-reflux device through a large number of research and experiments. The product adopts a new control technology and structure, and has high safety, low local head loss and small size. The product has been strictly tested by the measuring and testing center, and its performance indicators fully meet the requirements of the current design specifications in China. The low pressure backflow preventer manufactured by our company can be widely used in water supply networks in various construction, fire protection, industrial and mining, hospitals, gardens, water treatment systems where backflow pollution needs to be prevented.

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