Application of Non Slam Check Valve

Application of Non Slam Check Valve

Application of Non Slam Check Valve

Non-slam check valve is also called a one-way valve or check valve. Its function is to prevent medium backflow in the pipeline. The bottom valve of pump suction closure also belongs to non-slam check valve. Non-slam check valve is generally divided into lifting type, swing type, butterfly type and diaphragm type. Lifting non-slam check valve is similar to a globe valve. Its disc moves up and down along the line of the passage. It operates reliably, but the main fluid force is larger. It is suitable for smaller calibre occasions. The straight-through non-slam check valve can only be installed in the horizontal pipeline, while the vertical non-slam check valve is usually installed in the vertical pipeline. Straight pipe road. The swing non-slam check valve disc rotates around the rotating axis and its resistance is generally less than that of the lifting non-slam check valve. It is suitable for larger calibre applications. The butterfly non-slam check valve has a structure similar to that of the butterfly valve. Its structure is simple, its flow resistance is small, and the diaphragm non-slam check valve has a variety of structural forms. The diaphragm is a kind of hoist, because of its good performance of waterproof hammer, simple structure and low cost, but the use temperature and pressure of diaphragm non slam check valve are limited by the diaphragm material.

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