Attentions for Installation of Auto Valancing Valve

Attentions for Installation of Auto Valancing Valve

1. Installation location
The auto balancing valve can be installed in the water supply pipeline or in the water return pipeline (only one in each loop). For the primary loop side of the thermal station, in order to facilitate balance debugging, it is recommended that the balance valve be installed in the water return pipeline with lower water temperature. The balance valve on the main pipe should be installed after the water supply main pipe pump (downstream of the pump) to prevent cavitation of the pump due to the low pressure before the pump (behind the valve).

2. Install on straight pipe as far as possible.
Because the balance valve has the function of flow measurement, in order to make the flow through the valve stable and ensure the measurement accuracy, the balance valve should be installed in the straight pipe section as far as possible when conditions permit.

3. Pay attention to the balance between the new system and the original system
When a new system with a balance valve is connected to the original heating (cooling) pipe network, attention must be paid to the balance of water distribution between the new system and the original system, so as to avoid the water resistance of the new system (or the reformed system) with a balance valve being higher than that of the original system and failing to reach the required water flow.

4. No need to install stop valves
When inspecting a loop, the balance valve on the loop can be closed. At this time, the balance valve plays the role of cut-off valve to cut off water flow. After inspection, the balance valve can return to the original locked position. Therefore, when the balance valve is installed, the stop valve need not be installed again.

5. When adding (or canceling) loops, the system should be readjusted.
When adding (or canceling) loops in the pipeline network system, except adding (or closing) corresponding balancing valves, in principle all new balancing valves and balancing valves in the original system loops should be re-adjusted (branch balancing valves in the original loop need not be re-adjusted).

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