Characteristic and Principle of Automatic Flow Control Valve

Characteristic and Principle of Automatic Flow Control Valve

The automatic flow control valve is a kind of valve that controls the flow rate of the throttle by changing the hydraulic resistance of the throttle under a certain pressure difference so as to regulate the movement speed of the actuator (hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor). It mainly includes throttle valve, speed regulating valve, overflow throttle valve and diversion collector valve. Installation form is horizontal installation.

Product features of automatic flow control valves:
Automatic flow control valve is a kind of multi-function valve which adopts high precision pilot mode to control flow. It is suitable for pipes with flow and pressure to be controlled in distribution pipes, keeping the predetermined flow unchanged, limiting the excessive flow to a predetermined value, and reducing the upstream high pressure appropriately. Even if the upstream pressure of the main valve changes, it will not affect the downstream flow of the main valve.
Flow control valve selection: can be selected according to pipeline diameter. It can be selected according to the maximum flow rate and the flow range of the valve.

The working principle of automatic flow control valve:
The structure of the digital flow control valve is composed of an automatic spool, a manual spool and a display. The display part is composed of flow valve core, sensor transmitter and electronic calculator display.
Its work is extremely complex. The measured water flow passes through the valve, impacts the impeller in the flow core, rotates the impeller and senses the transmitter, so that the sensor sends out a signal proportional to the flow. The flow signal is sent to the electronic calculator through the wire. After calculator calculation and microprocessor treatment, the flow value is displayed.
Manual spool is used to regulate the flow, according to the display value to set the required flow value. Automatic spool is used to maintain constant flow, that is, when the pressure of the pipe network changes, the automatic spool will automatically open a large fire and close a small valve to maintain the set flow value unchanged under the action of pressure.

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