Structural Composition of Constant Pressure Valve

Structural Composition of Constant Pressure Valve

Constant pressure control valves are designed for applications requiring stable outlet or inlet pressure. These applications include pasteurization, separation, filling systems, filters, filters and heat exchangers.
There is a diaphragm and spool plunger system inside the valve. The system will react immediately to the change of product pressure to adjust its position so as to keep the preset pressure unchanged. The valve operates through a pressure regulating valve for compressed gas and a pressure gauge on the production line. The optimized main body design gives CPM-2 the advantages of products that include extremely high cleanliness. Because the inlet is 90 degrees from the bottom of the main body of the valve, there is no residual liquid accumulation. A special plunger design allows less liquid flow and higher CIP flow. Constant pressure control valve is mainly used to ensure the constant sample water pressure in the water vapor sampling device. It is suitable for the company's manual sampling current-limiting regulator valve. It can achieve constant sample water pressure and current, improve the accuracy of instrument measurement, and solve the interference of sample water pressure and flow fluctuation on instrument measurement.
Working process: 1. Constant pressure control device can set the outlet pressure between 0.05 and 0.5 Mpa by adjusting the handwheel. When the inlet pressure fluctuates greatly, the opening of the valve is automatically adjusted inside the valve to keep the outlet pressure stable.
2. The constant pressure control device has the function of overpressure protection. When the outlet pressure exceeds the set value, the valve closes automatically to prevent instrument damage.

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