Structure Principle and Application of Bottom Valve

Structure Principle and Application of Bottom Valve

Bottom valve is a kind of energy-saving valve, which is usually installed at the bottom of the underwater suction pipe of the pump. It limits the return of liquid in the pump pipe to the source of water, which plays a function of only entering and not entering. There are many intakes and reinforcing bars on the valve cover, which plays the role of easy blockage, smooth waterway and support. They are mainly used in pumping pipelines. Caliber has single, double, multi-valve type. Connection modes include flange connection and threaded connection.

The foot valve is composed of bottom valve, disc, cover, bushing, sealing ring and other parts. The working principle is that the water from the water source enters the valve body from the valve cover. Under the pressure of the fluid, the valve disc opens. When the pressure in the outlet pipe closes the valve disc quickly after the stop, the liquid will not flow back to the water source. It plays a role of both smooth pumping and saving water energy loss.

Bottom valve can be widely used in purification equipment, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, textile and other production processes. It is one of the important links in the production process control system. It is a valve to control the one-way flow of media in the pipeline, which can prevent the reverse flow of media. ZECO Valve is the main manufacturer of bottom valves in China. Water bottom valve is an important product of this company.

Characteristics of water bottom valve:
1. Substitute the underwater bottom valve and install it at 90 turning point of horizontal pipe and intake riser above the water surface. It can also replace the elbow. Its sealing performance is unique, so that it can not leak water, and has a damping device, which has a certain mitigation effect on the hazard of water hammer.
2. The energy-saving effect is remarkable. In normal operation (according to kiloton/meter power consumption), the energy-saving effect can be about 5-7%, which can not be achieved by ordinary bottom valves.
3. It has long service life and convenient maintenance. The service life of the bottom valve is more than five years, which greatly reduces the production cost, and there are generally no faults during the service life.
4. Self-priming performance is reliable. Waterborne bottom valve has unique sealing effect, which can achieve no leakage of water and ensure the smooth start of the next pump.

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