The Advantages of Grooved End Butterfly Valve Structure

The Advantages of Grooved End Butterfly Valve Structure

The slot-end butterfly valve uses a worm-pole to rotate, which drives the cam to rotate. The contact on the signal device is pressed down according to the previously set position information, and then the electric signal "on" is output to reflect the opening or closing of the butterfly valve. The grooved butterfly valve seal rubber is EPDM, and the upper and lower shafts are made of stainless steel.

Grooved end butterfly valve advantages:

1. The whole rubber-coated spheroidal graphite cast iron skeleton is coated with high-performance rubber vulcanization technology inside and outside. The fit is tight and firm, the geometrical dimensions are accurate, the sealing elasticity is good, and the valve core metal is completely isolated from the fluid and is corrosion-resistant.

2. The copper nut and the ductile iron skeleton of the integrated copper nut valve core are tightly connected by a special process to ensure that the long-term operation and water flow impact will not loosen. And the valve control failure will be avoided.

3. The elastic flat-bottom valve seat sealing gate valve adopts full-flow straight-through design, which is equivalent to the straight pipe. It is not easy to accumulate debris, ensuring reliable sealing and smooth fluid flow.

4. Self-sealing structure is adopted between the self-sealing bonnet valve cover and the valve body. In the allowable pressure range, the higher the fluid pressure, the tighter the seal.

5. The upper sealing structure between the special sealing valve stem and the valve cover adopts three O-shaped sealing ring designs. Compared with the packing sealing structure of the traditional gate valve, the channel sealing is tight and the friction resistance is greatly reduced. The valve is at any opening, pressure and has a valve stem safety lock function to ensure that the valve stem will not be punched out during operation and maintenance. The injury to the staff can be prevented.

6. With lightweight and compact structure, the maximum working height is reduced by 60mm-300mm. Comparing with the traditional gate valve, engineering space is greatly saved.The body is made of ductile iron material. The weight is reduced by about 20%-30% compared with the traditional gate valve. And the installation and maintenance are convenient.

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