Fuzhou Waterworks Combined Butterfly Check Valve Commissioning Test Site

Fuzhou Waterworks Combined Butterfly Check Valve Commissioning Test Site

In September 2018, ZhengFeng Valve was installed in 3 sets DN800 combined butterfly check valves of Fuzhou Water Supply Company and has been in operation for nearly one year. Since ZhengFeng combined butterfly check valves can bring energy saving and consumption reduction to users, ZhengFeng will send its main r&d and sales team to verify the effect it can achieve after a period of use. This visit team is composed of ZhengFeng's chief engineer Shen and ZhengFeng's sales director Zhao. After arriving in Fuzhou, ZhengFeng team rushed to the pump room of the water supply company without stopping, so as to further confirm the actual utility of 3 sets combined butterfly check valves brought to the water supply company. After arriving at the pump room, Mr. Shen used the pressure difference test instrument specially designed and developed by the technical team to test the flow resistance of the combined butterfly check valves during the normal operation of the pump, and the measured head loss was only 0.05m. In the process of test, by the water company manager tells the story of butterfly swing check valve in use are abundant replaced the silent check valve and multifunctional water pump control valve, the company's electricity are much lower than ever, but in the use of performance, hydraulic control butterfly valve can automatically during blackout slowly-closing, water hammer and the noise basically reaching, they feel very satisfied, the subsequent will continue all existing pump check valve replacement for ZhengFeng’s butterfly check valve.

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