Check Valve

Check Valve

The check valve for water of ZECO is the advanced pipe control equipment at home and abroad, mainly installed at the entrance of hydropower station turbine, used as the inlet valve of turbine, or installed at the outlet of pump station of water conservancy, electric power, water supply and drainage, which replaces the resilient seated gate valve. The check valve of ZECO has a small flow resistance coefficient, high automation degree, complete function, stable and reliable performance.

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  • The main function of the hydraulic check valve is to prevent the backflow of the medium, the reverse of the pump and drive motor, and the discharge of the container medium. It uses the streamlined st...

  • Check valves are designed to prevent reverse flow of water. Swing check valves are large in diameter and can be installed on both horizontal and vertical lines. The mounting shall be directional, and ...

  • A check valve is a valve that automatically prevents flow back. The disc of the quiet check valve opens under fluid pressure and flows from the inlet side to the outlet side. When the pressure on the ...

  • The double plate wafer check valve is used for the pure pipeline, industry, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise building water supply, and drainage pipeline to prevent reverse flow of...

It is a high-efficiency energy-saving product developed by the design team by introducing multiple research achievements in the valve, water conservancy, water pump, and other industries on the basis of the extensive collection, research and summary of the performance of similar products at home and abroad. We have our own water test system, for each new research and development and production of complete valve working condition of simulated test and flow resistance test, to determine each non slam check valve to meet customer requirements, but also by the sign long-term strategic cooperation agreement with are abundant in China third-party inspection agencies of the state detection and authority issued by the third party test report. 

For water supply check valves' spring and the importance of the disc is self-evident, so for every spring, we all use caliper for geometry size, using spring testing machine load force test, high frequency fatigue testing machine with a spring fatigue test to ensure that every spring can meet at first, the design of the state so as to ensure the normal state of the water check valve to open and close. For the disc, we use numerical control equipment to process all the disc. After the processing, we do the geometric dimension test for each disc to ensure the size match. Because of this, ZhengFeng's check valve feedback in the market is very excellent, usual customers with slow, quiet, low flow resistance to praise.
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