12 Inch Valve

12 Inch Valve

12 inch valve is a joint of a water-used valve, which is essentially called a large diameter valve. Take the fire system as an example, the common civil buildings are basically the size of fire pipes below 12 inches. In the case of water companies and urban network systems, the water supply basically replaces the 12 inch gate valve with a 12-inch butterfly valve because the 12 inch gate valve is more expensive than the 12 inch one, and the butterfly valve opens for less time and has less space to install than the gate valve. Backflow preventers according to the present water supply network, especially drinking water pipeline backflow pollution is serious, and no effective device to prevent backflow pollution, developed a kind of strict limits on the water in the pipe can only be one-way flow of new type hydraulic control unit (backflow). In general, this valve applicable to clean water or physical and chemical properties similar to water and do not allow the backflow medium pipeline system.

12 Inch Water Valve Products:

For example: 
1. The intersection of the drinking water pipe and the pipe connected for non-drinking water (fire control, production, irrigation, environmental protection, sprinkler, etc.); 
2. The outlet of municipal tap water close to the user's water meter; 
3. When water submerges the outlet of the supply pipe; 
4. On the suction pipe of the drinking water pipe which is connected with the pressurizing pump or multi-type pressurizing equipment; 
5. Living drink of all kinds of buildings.

And backflow preventer has four features:

1. More superior streamline design, energy - saving effect; 
2. Discharge control device and outlet are designed without obstacles to reduce fluid resistance;
3. More sensitive check effect, low opening pressure;
4. The top is provided with a lifting ring for easy installation.
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