2 Inch Valve

2 Inch Valve

2 inch valve refers to the 2 "diameter of the pipe to which the valve is connected. 2 inch is usually the size of all valves, normally 2 inch gate valve, 2 inch butterfly valve, 2 inch check valve and some other functional valves. Because of the small pipe diameter, the size of the valve will be relatively small. For this reason, some valves with copper alloy or stainless steel threaded connections will be more easily connected. Usually, the air release valve will appear in small diameter.

2 Inch Water Valve Products:

ZECO's air release valve has reliable performance and can discharge a large amount of air in the pipeline and a small amount of air in the system to the outside air at high speed. Easy to maintain, air release valve can be easily removed from the system for maintenance, and the water in the system will not flow out, so there is no need to empty the system. Only exhaust, do not drain, steam, water separation plate design uses a special structure to ensure that the exhaust will not drain. As long as the system has pressure, the combined release valve will continue to vent.

In terms of structure and materials, the air release valve has particularly outstanding features:

1. The buoy adopts low-density PPR and composite materials, which will not deform even if it 2-inch in high-temperature water for a long time. Does not cause difficulty in buoy movement.
2. The buoy lever of air release valve adopts rigid plastics, and the connection between the lever and the buoy and the support is movable. Therefore, corrosion will not occur in the long-term operation, resulting in water leakage when the system cannot work. 3. The seal ends face of the lever of air release valve 2-inch by spring, which can expand and expand with the movement of the lever to ensure the sealing performance without exhaust.
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