24 Inch Valve

24 Inch Valve

The 24 inch large butterfly valves used in the water pump export of the water supply company can be combined with the hydraulic control device and turned into the combined butterfly-check valve to replace the check valve before the pump.

24 Inch Water Valve Products:

24 Inch Valve has the following features: 

1. It can replace the original electric gate valve and check valve at the pump outlet, and the integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic system can reduce the occupation area and capital investment; 

2. Good controllability, wide adjustment range, and strong adaptability. Electro-hydraulic control system is equipped with several control points, can be in accordance with the requirements of different pipeline control for opening and closing application Settings, ensure that the valve open and closed condition, the valve can and will be able to automatically according to the present time, open and fast and slow two stages close Angle, and can achieve without electricity shut valve, effectively eliminate the destructive water hammer, to prevent the pump and turbine units runaway accident, reduce the pressure fluctuation of pipeline system, ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment. 

3. The sealing form of the main valve is double eccentric rubber seal structure or double eccentric hard seal structure, with easy starting and closing and reliable sealing; The large-caliber butterfly valve is designed as a double-plate beam structure with small crowding and smooth flow. The flow resistance coefficient of the valve is 0.1-0.6, far less than that of the check valve (1.7-2.6). The energy-saving effect is obvious. 

4. The electro-hydraulic control function is complete, which can be used as an independent system single machine in situ debugging and control without additional configuration; With manual function, the valve can be opened and closed manually when there is no power supply, meeting the debugging and control requirements of the valve under special working conditions.

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