3 Inch Valve

3 Inch Valve

The 3-inch valve in butterfly valve, start to use flange butterfly valve installation. Therefore, 3 inch is a junction point, and the price will increase after the use of flanged butterfly valves, so the user unit will consider the usability of gate valves, because the price of gate valves of this size is equal to that of butterfly valves, and the performance, maintainability and service life of gate valves are better. Resilient gate valve solves the problem of sealing surface damage caused by friction of resilient sealing material after the sealing surface of seat and valve plate is corroded or deformed.

3 Inch Water Valve Products:

The sealing sleeve of the gate valve can be changed, greatly increasing the use of the valve. Among the 3 inch valves, the balancing valve is especially widely used, because for the user unit.
1. No system debugging is required: it can save you a lot of time and shorten the completion date; 
2. No need to install the same procedure management: it can increase the use area and space for you, and save installation and material costs; 
3. Convenient use: the completion of project installation or equipment use will not affect the water system balance; 
4. Easy to change: when the water system in some areas needs to be redesigned, it will not affect the water system design and balance in other areas; 
5. Reduce power consumption: as the whole water system is balanced, the refrigeration units (boilers, heat exchangers) and pumps are guaranteed to operate in the best working state, with obvious energy saving effect; 
6. Reduce wear and waste: ensure water flow is not exceeded;

For the designer, 
1. The workload is reduced: there is no need to carry out tedious resistance calculation for the whole pipeline and the design speed is accelerated; 
2. Bold use of different programs: save the cost of pipes, materials, and installation, and leave the work of balancing hydraulic system to dynamic flow balancing valve; Many other problems caused by unbalanced water systems can be avoided.

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