Company Culture

Company Culture

ZECO evolved from word of "正" in Chinese, meaning integrity, trustworthy of ZECO people. It embodies the ZECO's characteristic culture. Enterprise culture of ZECO is the soul of ZECO vitality. With cultural deposits of the decade, the group has formed a unique ZECO corporate culture system. Our mission is to develop the manufacturing and application of Chinese valve products to a new stage & Our slogan is "Create ZECO brand by science and technology, wining customers' satisfaction by quality". Having a strong and cohesive culture makes this possible.

Staff value

ZECO valve group believes that every employee is a talent. The group offers a challenging fast-paced environment for employees, motivates employees to improve self-confidence & dare to dream. "Keep improving, conscientious and meticulous. Do the most can trust, make the most reliable product!" is familiar to our staff.

Enterprise value

Through ceaseless technical innovation and management innovation, ZECO enhances brand reputation continuously with good quality & Innovation. As one of the most important manufacturers in the valve industry, ZECO has established an excellent brand value in the industry.

Social responsibility

ZECO believes that protecting the natural environment, creating a good working environment and improving living conditions are essential and important for business development. In addition to strict compliance with environmental and quality management regulations, ZECO also sponsors local community organizations and establishes a sustainable employment system. ZECO also recognizes that good environmental performance will bring some practical benefits to enterprises, such as improving the status of enterprises in the eyes of customers and enhancing the reputation of enterprises in the community.

Company Culture
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