Industry News

  • Characteristics of the Grooved End Butterfly Valve
    Apr 10,2019
    The grooved end butterfly valve valve adopts advanced technology from abroad and has been improved many times by our company. It has the advantages of quick installation, briefness and reliability, li...
  • Characteristic and Working Site of Constant pressure Balance Valve
    Apr 09,2019
    Constant pressure balance valve is a kind of the valve with the special function. It has good flow characteristics, valve opening index, opening locking device and pressure measuring valve for flow me...
  • The Features of 4-inch Flange Check Valve
    Apr 08,2019
    The 4-inch flanged check valve can be divided into internal threaded check valve and butterfly check valve according to the type of construction. It also includes swing check valve and lift check valv...
  • The Working Principle of Float Level Control Valve
    Apr 07,2019
    The float level control valve has the function of automatically opening and closing the pipeline to control the water level. It is a liquid level control valve that can generate a multi-point switch s...
  • Market Trend of Flange Butterfly Valves
    Apr 06,2019
    Regarding the direction of manufacturers and markets of flange valves, according to analysis, the main trends in the future are as follows:1. With the development of oil exploitation transferring into...
  • The Generation and Application of Flange Butterfly Valve
    Apr 05,2019
    The development of flanged butterfly valve has a forward-looking step as China's development. China's advancement is our constant pursuit and hard work. As for the development of China, the de...
  • Advantages of the Dynamic Balancing Valve
    Apr 04,2019
    The dynamic balancing valve can change the spool according to the pressure difference of the water system from time to time, ensuring that the original set water flow rate is not exceeded and the exce...
  • Classification of Balance Adjustment Control Valves
    Apr 04,2019
    Balance adjustment control valves are usually divided into static balance valves, dynamic flow balance valves and dynamic differential pressure balance valves. A. Static balancing valves are als...