Industry News

  • Hydraulic Balancer Settings
    Jan 25,2019
    The hydraulic balance device is reasonably set in the heating and air conditioning water system. This is a new solution and effective technical measures to solve the system hydraulic imbalance, reduce...
  • Technical Requirements for Hot Water Balancing Valves
    Jan 24,2019
    Key Points for Installation and Use of Balance Valve(1)Recommended to install on the return pipeThe balancing valve can be installed on the return pipe or on the water supply line (only one installation is re...
  • High Temperature and High Pressure Power Station Valve Features
    Jan 18,2019
    Power station valve refers to the special power station valve used in hydraulic, thermal and gas-fired power plants. It is mainly used for cutting off or connecting pipeline medium on the pipelines of...
  • Backwater Temperature Regulation Method for Hot Water Heating System
    Jan 18,2019
    As one of the primary regulation methods of hot water heating system, the return water temperature regulation method of hot water heating system is suitable for the pipeline network without regulating...
  • Flow Balancing Valve
    Jan 17,2019
    Flow balancing valve, also known as self-operated flow control valve, is an intuitive and simple flow control device, suitable for district central heating network transformation system.The applicatio...
  • Characteristics of Dynamic Flow Balancing Valve
    Jan 12,2019
    The dynamic flow balancing valve allows the valve to change according to the pressure difference of the water system from time to time, ensuring that the previously set water flow rate is not exceeded...
  • Dynamic Flow Balancing Valves
    Jan 11,2019
    Dynamic flow balancing valves are also known as self-operated flow control valves, self-operated balancing valves, constant flow valves, and automatic balancing valves. It automatically changes the dr...
  • Balancing Valve Types
    Jan 10,2019
    1.Static Balance Valve: It is also called Balance Valve, Manual Balance Valve, Digital Lock Balance Valve, Double Position Regulating Valve, etc. It changes the flow resistance through the valve by ch...