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  • Balancing Valve
    Jan 04,2019
    Balancing valve is a valve which can adjust static or dynamic balance under hydraulic condition. Balance valve is mainly used to regulate the flow rate. Balance valve is equivalent to a resistance ele...
  • What is the Price of the Balancing Valve? What are the Characteristics of the Balancing Valve?
    Jan 03,2019
    What are the differences between static balancing valve and dynamic balancing valve?The working principle of dynamic balancing valve: By changing the flow area of the spool of balancing valve to adapt...
  • Hydraulic Balance of HVAC System and Selection Method of Electric Regulating Valve
    Dec 29,2018
    Brief Introduction of Hydraulic Balance SystemAll heating and air conditioning systems should achieve two main objectives:1. Provide the required comfort;2. To achieve the above objectives with minimu...
  • Dynamic Flow Balancing Valve
    Dec 28,2018
    Function: The dynamic flow balance valve keeps the flow constant between 31-600KPa.Role: Keep the flow through the valve constant.Theory: When the incoming flow pressure P1 increases, the sleeve of th...
  • How to Realize the Linear Relation between Coil Heat Dissipation and Valve Opening
    Dec 27,2018
    Because the coil static characteristic is exponential, in order to achieve good control effect, the logarithmic curve regulating valve is usually used. Only by guaranteeing a certain degree of valve w...
  • Overview of Balance Valve
    Dec 22,2018
    Balance valve is a kind of special function valve, which is different in function and place. In some industries, because the medium (all kinds of flowable substances) has a large pressure difference o...
  • Balancing Valve Working Principle
    Dec 21,2018
    Balance valve is a dynamic and static balancing valve under hydraulic conditions. Such as static balance valve, dynamic balance valve.Valve body material: cast iron, cast steel,Work pressure is 0.6-4....
  • Research and Development of Automatic Flow Balancing Valve
    Dec 20,2018
    The key technology to solve this problem is that the automatic flow balancing valve can control the flow area of complex interception surface with its high performance spring installed inside the valv...