Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

Basic information of Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

This valve acts as a closed circuit valve and a check valve to protect the system by avoiding and reducing the backflow of the intermediate fluid in the piping system and causing excessive water hammer.
Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

Features of Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

1. Valve opens automatically when the pump starts and closes automatically before the pump is stopped;
2. In case of power failure at the pumping station, the valve closes like a hydraulic damped check valve;
3. Both opening and closing times are adjustable;
4. The hydraulic power pack is also equipped with a handpump for emergency opening of the valve.
Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

Principle of Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

This valve is opened by means of a cylinder driven by the hydraulic power pack. The valve is only set to open at a constant speed, and the opening time can be adjusted by adjusting the knob of the valve opening in the hydraulic oil station. Before the 75 ° fast closing, time is 5 ~ 12 seconds (adjustable site); after the 15° slow closing, time is 20 ~ 40 seconds (adjustable site). The realization of closing the valve fast and slow is mainly regulated by controlling the amount of oil drainage through adjusting the two-way oil drainage regulating device. The regulating part is in the part protruding from the upper part of the oil cylinder. If the adjustment is needed, the part protruding from the upper part of the oil cylinder should be removed.
Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

Installation and Commissioning of Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

The pump motor action is controlled by the internal pressure of the accumulator. After the combined butterfly-check valve is put into operation, after a period of time, the oil pressure of the system will decline. When the pressure of hydraulic oil drops to a certain value, it needs to be replenished. Otherwise, the valve will be affected. For specific use, please consult ZECO Valve Group.





Ductile Iron

EN 1563/DIN 1693


Ductile Iron+Stainless Steel 431

EN 1563/EN10088-1


Stainless Steel 431

EN10088-1/ASTM A959



ISO 4633



ISO 4633

Hydraulic power pack


For the materials options not listed, consult factory.

ZECO manufactures valves in more than 50 different alloys.

Product scope, Standards & Materials of Combined Butterfly-Check Valve

Size Range: 12"~144"
Pressure Rating: 10bar ~ 25bar
Face to Face Dimensions: AMSE B16.10, EN558-1
Flange End Dimension: AMSE B16.1/16.42, AS4087, EN1092-2
Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
Inspection and Test: ISO 5208 / EN 12226-2

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