Control Valve

Control Valve

ZECO control valves are widely used in water supply and drainage control systems in the global building market. As one of the top three brands of water system valves produced in China, ZECO has strict requirements on the materials used for parts and the technological process, For example, all the copper standard parts and the copper inner parts, because ZECO has mastered the source of copper raw materials, to ensure the reliability of the copper material from the very beginning of finishing, and in the casting process, it will go through a series of detection methods such as pre-furnace analysis and spectrometer material testing to ensure the safety of the material.

Control Valve Category:

  • Pressure control valves use the balancing principle of hydraulic pressure and spring force to adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system and control other pressure related actions,Its main function is: k...

  • Flow control valves in the role of water, remove the remainder of the pipeline pressure head and flow deviation caused by pressure fluctuations, no matter what the system pressure change all the set f...

At the beginning of the finishing all copper fittings and internal parts are through the preciseness of the NC equipment processing, prevent the dimensional deviation caused by human reason, and in the machining process and the process is completed, will regularly with the analyst is responsible for inspection the size of the product and processing roughness, which further guarantee is abundance to all parts of the quality control. 

For the control valve, performance and practicality are the main components, Valves for functions such as pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves can cause blowouts, flooding pump rooms and other more serious effects if performance issues arise. Therefore, it is ZECO's rigorous attitude to the product that also makes it obtain 100% reliability and no maintenance rate in the control valve field. At the same time, ZECO has always taken innovation as the precondition and has been constantly innovating new products, such as intelligent pressure control valve, pressure management system and other world-leading ideas, which have also created an absolute share of the tap water market in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai in China.
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