Dirt Separator

Dirt Separator

Dirt Separator

Basic information of Dirt Separator

This valve is used for water purification. 
Dirt Separator

Features of Dirt Separator

1. Easy to operate;
2. No water stop is required to clean the cavity body;
3. Dirt above 0.005 millimeters can be removed, and can absorb rust;
4. The large volume of waste collecting chamber can reduce the number of cleaning.
Dirt Separator

Principle of Dirt Separator

The center of the valve uses a unique structure of the filter core, this specially designed component is most suitable for the separation of dirt, and to minimize pressure loss. When cleaning up the sewage regularly, the magnetic bar can be drawn out first so that the iron-containing sewage is adsorbed to the bottom, and then open the discharge valve to discharge the collected sewage. 
Dirt Separator

Installation and Commissioning of Dirt Separator

The gate valve should be installed before this valve for maintenance. The bottom of the installation shall be provided with a discharge port for discharging. For specific use, please consult ZECO Valve Group.











Stainless Steel 431

EN10088-1/ASTM A959



ISO 4633



ISO 4633

Magnetic Device

CuZn39Pb1 /Stainless Steel 431


For the materials options not listed, consult factory.

ZECO manufactures valves in more than 50 different alloys.

Product scope, Standards & Materials of Dirt Separator

Size Range: 2"~40"
Pressure Rating: 10bar ~ 25bar
Face to Face Dimensions: AMSE B16.10, EN558-1
Flange End Dimension: AMSE B16.1/16.42, AS4087, EN1092-2
Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
Inspection and Test: ISO 5208 / EN 12226-2

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