Hydraulic Check Valve

Hydraulic Check Valve

The main function of the hydraulic check valve is to prevent the backflow of the medium, the reverse of the pump and drive motor, and the discharge of the container medium. It uses the streamlined structure of the water control valve to reduce the flow resistance to a great extent.

Hydraulic Check Valve Products:

Through the sensitive action of the guide valve on the main valve control valve to achieve stable check, it effectively eliminates most of the water hammer effect and protects the normal operation of the water pump. The check control valve produced by ZECO is the control valve of valve check by the medium of the cavity on the body, It is composed of the diaphragm check valve body and pilot check valve, through the different check valve piping scheme to achieve different check function.

Check control valves - water pump check valves series are streamlined designed to reduce flow resistance and reduce pump energy consumption during operation; The seat seal in the closed state is a starring seal, which can effectively reach the closed state to prevent the performance instability caused by leakage. Check control valves mainly include: Non-slam check control valve, Double chamber check control valve.

The check control valve is automatically controlled by medium energy, which can make the main valve disc get the best opening or closing speed, thus preventing the water hammer phenomenon, so as to achieve the effect of slow closing and silencing. ZECO pays attention to the flow resistance loss of each valve, because we know that the flow resistance loss caused by water pump energy loss is very regrettable for customer resources, each of us a control check valve in the process of research and development or will pass valve testing line in the process of production test, to ensure that the actual production of products consistent with our theoretical design data.
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