Lift Check Valve

Lift Check Valve

A check valve is a valve that automatically prevents flow back. The disc of the quiet check valve opens under fluid pressure and flows from the inlet side to the outlet side. When the pressure on the inlet side is lower than that on the outlet side, the disc will be closed automatically under the action of pressure difference of the fluid and gravity of itself to prevent the fluid from flowing backward.

Lift Check Valve Products:

  • Low Resistance Silent Check Valve is used in water supply and drainage, fire fighting, hvac system.

  • Slient Check Valve is used in high-rise buildings, fire protection systems, cooling and circulating water systems.

  • Foot Valve is used in the pumping line.

  • The opening pressure of the check valves for water is related to the sealing performance of the check valve when it is closed. If the sealing is good, the opening pressure will be high; otherwise, it will be small;
  • The opening pressure is generally greater than the local head loss when the water flows normally after the opening;
  • Nozzle check valve and Silent check valve all have the function of water hammer of weak stop pump;
  • When the flow stops, the disc or spool of the check valve should be closed by itself under the action of gravity or spring force.

The lift type check valve of ZECO has a slow closing check valve, silent check valve and foot valve for the water pump. The foot valve is the valve body and structure of the slow closing check valve with the filter net, applied to the pump and other processing slurries mechanical equipment, usually, the bottom valve will be installed in the pump under the suction pipe to prevent the slurry backflow. As for these three products and other products, we attach great importance to flow resistance. Each product will be manufactured after being tested by the valve testing system in the design process, development process, and the production process.
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