ZECO strainer valve series is divided into two types: Y filter and dirt separator, y strainer filter can be used to filter the impurities above 300 microns, and the dirt separator can be used to filter the impurities above 5 microns. Therefore, customers can order two kinds of products according to their own operating conditions.

Strainer Products:

  • Y-Strainer is used in water supply and drainage pipeline or gas pipeline.

  • Dirt Separator is used in central air conditioning circulating water, floor heating system circulating water.

  • Dirt Separator & Air Realease is used for circulation cooling water system, heat exchange system, central heating system.

Two kinds of products with customizable discharge device, is also chosen according to actual requirements, a discharge device is a simple type drain ball valve with a lock (lock is to prevent inadvertently turn caused flooding phenomena), the staff just timing with the set key open the ball valve to discharge the filtered impurities; The second is the discharge device with a magnetic bar adsorption, which is equipped with a magnetic bar in the valve body. The magnetic bar can absorb rust and small particles containing iron impurities in the medium, and then the impurities are discharged by the ball valve after being pulled out periodically by the staff.

As a strainer manufacturer, ZECO has a wide range of selectivity in the strainer series, with customers customizing cast iron y strainers, brassy strainers, and cast steel strainer. The second kind of dirt separator is our patented product in China, which is suitable for the purification of water quality such as central air conditioning circulating water, floor heating system circulating water, and the front end of boilers and heat exchangers or pipes sensitive to impurities. Its filter element adopts a unique structure developed by our design department. This specially designed component is most suitable for separation of waste and minimizes pressure loss. On the product, we make unremitting efforts to achieve the best use results for customers and hope to be the first brand supplier in the heating and filtration system.

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