Wafer Check Valve

Wafer Check Valve

The double plate wafer check valve is used for the pure pipeline, industry, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise building water supply, and drainage pipeline to prevent reverse flow of the medium. The disc check valve adopts wafer type, butterfly disc is two semicircular and adopts spring forced to reset. The sealing surface can be used as body welding wear resistant material or rubber lining.

Wafer Check Valve Products:

  • Double Disc Wafer Check Valve is used in municipal, industrial and high-rise building water supply, drainage network.

Its disc adopts dual type, can close quickly by itself under the action of spring force, and because of the action of fast closing, can effectively prevent the backflow of the medium, sealing performance is good. The disc type check valve is a universal single flow valve that can be easily installed between two flanges. For disc wafer check valves, we have ductile iron and stainless steel for various operating conditions. 

Stainless steel castings and copper casting, we hold the material source, starting from the analysis before casting furnace, to examine again, finally to the processing and testing, every step of the process is to ensure that the product after consistent with our commitment to customers, and according to the stainless steel material, we can customize as material 316 and 316 l material or demand a higher material products. We believe that our products with a craftsman's spirit and quality will convince customers that Chinese brands are becoming better and better, instead of low-end products long ago.
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