Technical Help

Technical Help

Fault Phenomenon

Fault cause


Pond overflow

1. Pilot  valve rubber gasket damaged;

2. The float weld is leaking;

3. The connecting rod piston is stuck by a foreign body;

1. Replace the gasket;

2. Replace the float ball;

3. Removing debris;

Low Water Level

1. Debris in the pilot body;

2. The connecting rod piston is stuck by a foreign body;

1. Removing debris;

Abnormal Noise

1. Debris in the valve body;

2. The closing speed is not reasonable

1. Removing debris;

2. Adjust needle valve opening;

The Disc cannot be Closed or Closed Properly

1. Catheter rupture or leakage at its junction;

2. The spring in the main valve breaks or for other reasons causes the diaphragm to break;

3. Check valve failed;

4. The pilot valve failed;

5. Sealing surface damage;

6. Debris in the valve body;

1. Replace the catheter or tighten its connector;

2. Check the spring;

3. Repair or replace check valves;

4. Repair or replace pilot valves;

5. Replace the sealing surface;

6. Removing debris;

Leakage at Valve Body and Bonnet Joint

Gasket damage;

Replace the new gasket;

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