Stainless Steel Valve

Stainless Steel Valve

Stainless steel valve is very common in market, currently on the market of stainless steel butterfly valve, stainless steel valve, stainless steel valve is very common, so far has been applied in chemical industry, papermaking, mining, petrochemical, petroleum, electricity, liquid gas, food, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, municipal, mechanical equipment, electronic industry, urban construction and other fields.

Stainless Steel Valve Products:

  • Home pressure reducing valve is used for water or air lines that need to be reduced before entering the house.

  • Double Disc Wafer Check Valve is used in municipal, industrial and high-rise building water supply, drainage network.

The valve is the control part of the pipeline fluid transportation system, the stainless steel valve is used to change the channel section and the medium flow direction, has the vent (stainless steel air vent valve), the regulation (stainless steel flow control valve), the check (stainless steel wafer check valve), the overflow relief pressure (stainless steel relief valve) and other functions. Stainless steel valves can be used to control water, mud, gas, steam, oil, all kinds of corrosive medium, liquid metal fluid flow, and radioactive fluid and so on various types of valve working pressure can be from 0.0013 Mpa to 1000 Mpa ultrahigh pressure, working temperature from 269 ℃ ultra-low temperature to 1430 ℃ high temperature. As can be seen from the above data, regardless of the valve are relatively constraints, that is to say, the valve must be at work under certain constraints, such as rust, corrosion, and the temperature of the work, all have a certain work area, such as no matter what material of the valve on more than 95% of the nitric acid hydrochloric acid, corrosion will be off. Some customers will say that hot working on the stainless steel material to increase the precision is useless. Therefore, it is the valve that has certain conditionality that gives us the research on the valve material, which makes the work use in a more harsh environment.

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