Classification of Thermostatic Balancing Valves

Classification of Thermostatic Balancing Valves

The constant temperature valve solves the problems of pressure unbalance between hot and cold water during bathing process and pressure change, temperature change and water temperature change. It realizes setting temperature artificially for heating facilities, so as to achieve energy-saving effect.

Principle of thermostatic balancing valve: A high sensitive memory alloy module is arranged at the outlet. The temperature sensing of the memory alloy module changes the flow rate of hot and cold water through elongation and contraction to reach the water flowing out of the set temperature. By controlling the inlet flow of heat exchanger, air conditioning unit or other heat, cooling equipment and primary heat (cold) medium, the outlet temperature of equipment can be controlled. When the load changes, the flow rate can be adjusted by changing the opening degree of the valve to eliminate the impact of load fluctuation and restore the temperature to the set value.

Constant temperature valves include bath constant temperature faucets and radiator constant temperature valves.

Bath thermostat faucet

As a new type of valve, the constant temperature valve replaces the common cold and heat regulating water valve, and solves the problems of water temperature and heat which are difficult to adjust due to the rapid change of pressure and temperature in the process of bathing. When using, only need to open the switch to flow out the constant temperature water. Press the red safety button when adjusting the temperature. Slowly adjust the temperature setting counterclockwise to avoid discomfort caused by too fast temperature rise.

Radiator thermostat

It is mainly used for automatic control of heat balance of hot water heating system and equipment. Solve the problem of thermal and hydraulic imbalance in heating system caused by different length of pipes between buildings, different size of heat dissipation area, different resistance caused by different pipe structures, different pressure difference and different amount of heat dissipation.

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