Double Orifice Air Release Valve

Double Orifice Air Release Valve

Double orifice air release valve is suitable for pipelines with water as medium. It is a necessary equipment for pipelines to remove gas in pipelines, so as to improve the efficiency of water conveyance equipment and protect pipelines from deformation and rupture.

Operating principle of double orifice air release valve:

When water is injected into the pipe, the plug stays in the open position and exhausts a lot. When the air is exhausted, the water is accumulated in the valve, the float ball is floated, the transmission plug is in the closed position, and a large amount of exhaust gas is stopped. When the water in the pipe is conveyed normally, if a small amount of air gathers in the valve to a considerable extent, the water level in the valve drops, and the float ball drops accordingly. At this time, the air is discharged from the orifice. When the pump stops, when the water in the pipe is empty or when the negative pressure is generated in the pipe, the plug opens quickly and inhales air to ensure the pipeline is complete.

Performance characteristics of double orifice air release valve:

1. It can eliminate the gas in the pipeline, reduce the resistance and save energy.
2. When the pipeline is under negative pressure, the product can automatically inhale air to prevent pipeline rupture.
3. The float ball is stainless steel with long service life, safety and reliability.

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