Characteristics of Butterfly Valve

Characteristics of Butterfly Valve

ZECO Valve Group Co., Ltd. produces many different types of valves for flow control industry. They are used for a variety of reasons, such as phase (liquid or gas), pressure, pipe restrictions and solid content. Other valves are chosen because they can be opened and closed in a quarter of a turn. Among all types of valves, China butterfly valves are used as control devices for many reasons, including some or all of the above.

The China butterfly valve of ZECO Valve Group Co., Ltd. is a flow control device, which includes a rotating disc to control the flow medium in the process. Disks are always in the channel, but because they are relatively thin, there is little resistance to flow. The butterfly valve technology of ZECO Valve Group Co., Ltd. has undergone tremendous changes in the past half century, and its industry is also very popular. This popularity can be attributed in part to quarter-turn operation, tight closure and availability in a variety of building materials.

The early use of China butterfly valves focused on water applications, but the new design and component materials made them available for industrial fluid applications. At present, butterfly valves can be found in almost all chemical factories dealing with different fluids. Butterfly valves range in size from 1 inch to more than 200 inches, most of which have 150 psi to 740 psi of cold working pressure. For high performance butterfly valves, the general temperature rating of elastic seat valves is 25 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Butterfly valves can be used for switching or regulating services. The valve is usually driven manually (handle, wrench, gear operator) or through an external power supply to automatically circulate the valve. Automatic actuators include electric, pneumatic and hydraulic operators.

Compared with other types of valves, butterfly valves have many advantages, including essentially simple, economical design, including fewer components, which makes butterfly valves easy to repair and maintain. The round body and relatively light weight can save the initial cost and installation cost of the valve.

Obviously, China butterfly valves can not play a role in each application, depending on the service, temperature and pressure variables also determine which valve type to choose. Use conditions must be determined first so that any valve can be used correctly. Combining technological innovation with its simple design, butterfly valves in China have become reliable, economical and flexible solutions for various industrial flow control needs.

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