Characteristic Definition and Function of Bottom Valve

There are many kinds of bottom valves, including internal threaded lifting bottom valves - bottom valves, suction valves, filter valves, lotus head; lifting bottom valves - flange bottom valves; swing bottom valves - flange swing bottom valves. The bottom valve is welded at the bottom of the container to achieve the best effect of emptying, cleaning and disinfection. In addition, the working medium can be well mixed according to the process requirements. The bottom valve is as close as possible to the bottom wall of the tank to achieve the effect of no dead angle.

The characteristics of the foot valve products: 1. The structure is ideal in terms of both flow rate and process requirements. In addition, turbulence will not occur during emptying. 2. All current international standard interfaces can be provided, such as welded, clamped or threaded. 3. Valve body materials are US304, SUS316L, of course, according to customer requirements can also use other alloy steel. 4. The surface of the valve body can be polished by mechanical polishing or electric polishing according to customer's requirements, and the accuracy can reach 0.25um. 5. Bottom valves can be equipped with manual or pneumatic bottom valves for each pump. Bottom valves are usually installed below the water surface, while water bottom valves are installed above the water surface. They are the renewal products of old bottom valves, ideal water diversion equipment and can also replace vacuum pumps and vacuum pumping devices. The bottom valve of ZECO Valve Company in China has reasonable design, advanced manufacturing technology and convenient installation, use and maintenance. It has the advantages of small friction resistance, long service life and energy saving. It is widely used in pump supporting facilities in petrochemical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, drainage and irrigation industries.

As a leading Chinese foot valves manufacturer, ZECO Valve is committed to manufacturing high quality Chinese bottom valves. Welcome to inquire!

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