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  • What is a Gate Valve?
    Sep 22,2022
    Gate valves are widely used in all types of applications, both above and below ground. Especially for underground installations, it is crucial to choose the right type of valve to avoid high replaceme...
  • What is Pressure Reducing Valve Working Principle?
    Sep 15,2022
    The pressure reducing valve is a valve that adjusts the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure, and relies on the energy of the medium itself to automatically keep the outlet pressure st...
  • The Use, Characteristics and Advantages of Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valve
    Sep 08,2022
    鈪. The use of pressure independent balancing control valveTwo-pipe or four-pipe heating or cooling systems feature changing conditions by opening and closing valves as needed for heating or cooling. ...
  • Working Principle and Installation Precautions of Manual Balancing Valve
    Sep 01,2022
    鈪. Working principle of manual balancing valveThe balance valve is a valve that exists to adjust the flow and pressure of the medium at both ends of the valve body. It is a special valve device whose...
  • Introduction to the Application, Installation and Use of Knife Gate Valve
    Aug 25,2022
    鈪. What is a knife gate valve?Knife gate valve is also called knife gate valve. Its structural feature is that the bottom of the valve plate of the knife gate valve has an oblique cut like a knife ed...
  • What Are the Classifications of Butterfly Valves?
    Aug 18,2022
    1. Concentric butterfly valveThe structural feature of this kind of China butterfly valve is that the shaft center of the valve stem, the center of the disc and the center of the body are in the same ...
  • Structure and Working Principle of Butterfly Valve
    Aug 11,2022
    China butterfly valve is also called butterfly valve. As the name suggests, its key components are like butterflies facing the wind and spinning freely. The disc of the butterfly valve is a disc, whic...
  • Analysis of Air Release Valve Working Principle
    Aug 04,2022
    Air bleed valves are often placed at the highest point of the pipe to continuously release unwanted air to prevent unwanted surges and maintain system performance. The bleed valve is used to vent entr...