Water Control Valve

ZECO water control valves are widely used in water supply and drainage control systems in the global building market. As one of the top three brands of water system valves produced in China, ZECO has strict requirements on the materials used for parts and the technological process, For example, all the copper standard parts and the copper inner parts, because ZECO has mastered the source of copper raw materials, to ensure the reliability of the copper material from the very beginning of finishing, and in the casting process, it will go through a series of detection methods such as pre-furnace analysis and spectrometer material testing to ensure the safety of the material.

Water Control Valve Structure

ZECO Diaphragm type water control valve are of double chamber design, by using different external pipe and fitting assemblation with pilot valve it can achieve different type of controling purpose like remote level control, pressure reducing, flow control, pressure reducing/retaining, anti-water hammer ect.. ZECO advanced design for water control valves are as below:

Full bore streamline design, flow resistance is small, have big flow rate and strong anti-cavitation capacity. Advanced star type seal ring brings tight shutoff, the low frictional and accurately stem guider makes reliable sealing performance and long service life. The replaceable valve seat is made from SS304, anti-corrosion, anti-flushing and have good sealing performance. The water control valve body is made from high strength ductile iron, coated with WRAS approved epoxy powder, suitable for drinking water. The diaphragm is made of nylon reinforced rubber, which can bear high pressure, have good elasticity and long service life. External pipes and fittings are available for copper or stainless steel, having high strength and good anti-corrosion capacity.

Water Control Valve Structure

How to Choose the Right Control Valve

Water control valve is a general description for ZECO water control valve series products, refer to below detailed description for different model of ZECO water control valve, you will be able to know how to choose the right control valve:

ZF100X Remote control float valve - For controlling water level of water tower or pool, applicable for automatic water supply system of various water pools/tanks, water towers ect..

ZF200X Pressure reducing valve - For adjusting and controling the main valve outlet pressure, when the inlet pressure rise, the disc will open higher to reduce the pressure, when the inlet pressure decreased, the disc will close lower to rise the pressure, so the outlet pressure can be always matained in the preset value. the valve is applicable for drinking water supply, fire-fighting system, industrial water supply and irrigation ect..

ZF400X Flow control Valve - For maintaing the flow rate in a preset value, no matter inlet pressure goes higher or lower, the outlet flow rate can always be maintained at the preset value, the valve is applicable for installation on water distribution pipeline where require flow control to maintain a preset flow rate.

ZF500x Pressure reducing/retaining valve - The valve is for pressure reducing/retaining purpose, when pressure in water supply pipeline is over preset value, the valve open to reduce the pressure, when pipeline pressure in below preset value, the valve close to retain the pressure.

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