Water Control Solutions

ZECO valves are designed to control hot water, cold water, drinking water, sea water and wastewater in a variety of different industrial sectors. Valves are an integral part of various building systems, stopping or starting the flow, throttling and controlling the flow.

Valve Types and Applications

Fire Protection Valve

ZECO Fire Protection valves are able to cope with the emergency water piping needs of firefighting, guaranteeing the timely supply of water for firefighting and preventing the safety and stability of firefighting lines.

Oil & Gas Valve

ZECO Oil & Gas Valve are used by oil companies in various countries and plays an important role in the safety and proper operation of oil pipelines.

Valve Selection Guide

Valve Selection Guide

When choosing a valve, the valve can be selected according to the function of the valve to choose the valve needed. ZECO water treatment valves are classified according to type锛

Water control valves, divided into pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, modulating float valves, etc., which can control the pressure of the pipeline and the water level of the tank.

Balancing valves, divided into pressure independent control valves and static balancing valves, can control the pipeline flow and differential pressure.

Gate valves, divided into metal seal gate valves and resilient seated gate valves, can play the role of shut-off.

Air valves, divided into single orifice air release valves and double orifice air release valves, can release the air in the pipeline.

Butterfly valve, divided into rubber lined butterfly valve and metal butterfly valve, according to the space is smaller than the gate valve, can play the role of shutting off.

In the selection of product materials, according to the working conditions to choose the corresponding valve body material and internal parts material.

For freshwater service, ductile iron and cast iron valve bodies are usually used.

For seawater conditions, aluminium bronze, stainless steel or QT450-NiCr are usually used.

Common Valve Products Applications

Balancing Valve Application

Zeco Static balancing valves allow for easy and accurate adjustment of flow rates, effectively solving the problem of uneven cooling and heating and hydraulic disorders in HVAC systems. 

Air Valve Application

Zeco Air valve can effectively vent a large amount as well as a small amount of air, draining the pipeline in time. When the pipeline needs to be replenished, it can draw in air from the atmosphere in time. 

Control Valve Application

Zeco pressure relief valves are used in conjunction with pressure reducing valves to ensure the normal operation of the pipework. Modulating float valves control the water level at the tank to ensure that the tank does not overflow. 

Gate Valve Application

Zeco resilient gate valve has a WRAS approved internal and external epoxy sprayed cover that can resist corrosion and high quality rubber material that can maintain its efficacy in water for a long and stable period of time.

Butterfly Valve Application

Zeco rubber lined butterfly valve is WRAS approved epoxy sprayed inside and out, with low switching torque and small installation space.

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