Butterfly Valve

ZECO is a professional butterfly valve manufacturer in China and butterfly valve is main products series of ZECO valve. The rubber lined concentric butterfly valve is widely used in various kinds of operating conditions because compare to other valves it cost lower and required installation space is smaller. Centerlined butterfly valves are usually used in water supply pipeline.

What is a butterfly valve?

Butterfly valve is a kind of adjusting valve of simple body construction, can be use for open/close or flow control purpose for low pressure pipeline.

The shutter for butterfly valve is a round plate, disc open/close centre to valve stem which is the center line of valve body as well. 

Butterfly valve can be used in various kinds of application like water, waste water, seawater, air, mud, oil and corrosive service ect.. In many kinds of low pressure pipeline of shuoff/flow adjusting application, butterfly valve can be used to replace gate valve, globe valve or ball valve which would save the cost for user.

Butterfly valve is available for quick open/close, easy to operated, low flow resistance and suitable for high frequency open/close. ZECO centerlined butterfly valve is bi-directional for seat sealing can be installed at either direction of pipeline, sealing performance is reliable and the rubber seat is replaceable.

What is a butterfly valve?

Butterfly Valve Selection Guidance

Butterfly valve, especially centerlined butterfly valve is ually made of ductile iron body, which means the valve is suitable for low pressure pipeline but not suitable for high pressure pipeline. To choose a suitable butterfly valve, we need to consider below factors:

Size and pressure, due to it's advantage of simple contruction, butterfly valve are available of big size till 120" or even much bigger. It should be noticed that the bigger butterfly valve size is, the lower pressure it can bear. So, big size butterfly valve can only be conisdered for low pressure pipeline.

Most common used material for centerlined butterfly valve body is ductile iron, carbon steel may also be used as body material for some specific application.

Centerlined butterfly valve don"t have individual seat, the seat is lined on the  internal body.While choosing seat material for concentric butterfly valve, we should consider the temperature, fluid medium and pressure, commonly used seat material are EPDM, NBR, NR ect..

The most important part for choosing butterfly valve is to choose its disc material, for example, water and waste water can use ductile iron disc with nickel plated, seawater can use al-bronze as disc material, ect..

Stem of centerlined butterfly valve don"t have contact with the fluid, so we don"t have to consider the corrosion issue, so normal martensitic stainless steel is enough.

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