Classification and Application of Balancing Valve

Classification of balancing valve

The common hydraulic balancing devices in HVAC systems are mainly static hydraulic balancing valve for eliminating static hydraulic imbalance and realizing static hydraulic balance, and dynamic differential pressure valve, dynamic flow balancing valve and dynamic balancing electric switch valve for eliminating dynamic hydraulic imbalance and realizing dynamic hydraulic balance. "Dynamic pressure balance valve and electric control valve combination" and integrated dynamic balance electric control valve, etc.

1. Static balancing valve
2. Dynamic differential pressure balancing valve
3. Dynamic flow balancing valve
4. Dynamic Balanced Electric Switch Valve
5. Combination of Dynamic Pressure Differential Balancing Valve and Electric Regulating Valve
6. Integrated Dynamic Balance Electric Regulating Valve

The role of balancing valve in its key equipment is mainly embodied in the following aspects:

It is the key device to realize the hydraulic balance of cold and hot water systems.

The actual operation results of thousands of projects also prove that balancing valve is one of the indispensable important equipment in air conditioning and heating systems to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce project cost, ensure safe and reliable operation and satisfy users.

Balancing valve is one of the indispensable important equipment for metering and charging in air conditioning and heating systems.

Application of balancing valve in the air conditioning system:

The variable flow system is equipped with electric control valves at the end of the equipment (such as fan coil unit, combined air conditioning box, air processor, etc.). The opening degree of the electric valve is regulated by the indoor temperature controller, and the flow through the coil is mainly regulated to ensure the fluctuation of indoor temperature within the allowable range. The change of system flow rate is realized by adding a frequency converter on the pump to adjust the speed. At the same time, we must pay attention to the change of valve opening, which can not guarantee that the variable flow can be allocated according to the requirements, so we need corresponding control equipment to make the system run more effectively.

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