Flow Balancing Valve

Flow balancing valve, also known as self-operated flow control valve, is an intuitive and simple flow control device, suitable for district central heating network transformation system.
The application of flow balance valve in pipeline network can directly set the flow according to the design. The valve can automatically eliminate the flow deviation caused by residual pressure head and pressure fluctuation of pipeline under the action of water. No matter how the system pressure changes, the set flow can be maintained unchanged. These functions of flow balancing valves make the flow regulation of pipeline network completed at one time, change the work of network regulation into simple flow distribution, and effectively solve the problem of hydraulic imbalance of pipeline network.
Chinese Name: Flow Balancing Valve
Medium temperature: 0-150 C
Flow Accuracy: 5%
Work pressure: 1.6 MPa
Performance and Characteristics of Flow Balancing Valve
(1) Setting the flow rate according to the design or actual requirements can automatically eliminate the fluctuation of pressure difference in the system and keep the flow rate unchanged.
(2) It can overcome the uneven phenomenon of heat and cold in the system and improve the quality of heating (cooling).
(3) It can completely solve the contradiction of large proximal pressure difference and small distal pressure difference.
(4) It can reduce the circulating water volume and system resistance.
(5) It can reduce the design workload and does not require complicated hydraulic balance calculation of the pipeline network.
(6) It can reduce the difficulty of network dispatching and simplify the complex network dispatching work to a simple flow distribution.
(7) It can exempt the flow redistribution when the heat source of multi-heat source network is switched.
(8) The flow display values are randomly calibrated on the test bench, and the flow rate (m3/h).
Technical parameters of flow balance valve
Working temperature: 150 C;
Work pressure difference: 20-600KPa;
Material and life of flow balance valve:
Valve Body-High Quality Gray Cast Iron
Internal parts - brass, stainless steel
Spring-Stainless Steel
Diaphragm-ethylene propylene trioxide
Life span - more than ten years
Dynamic Flow Balance Valve
Advantage Editing of Flow Balancing Valve
Dynamic flow balancing valve enables the valve bile to change according to the pressure difference of the water system from time to time, ensuring that it will not exceed the original set water flow and absorb excessive pressure difference, thus realizing the automatic balance of pressure and flow of the whole water system.
For construction units: saving project costs and improving economic benefits
(1) No systematic debugging is needed: it can save a lot of time for the project, shorten the construction period, complete the project ahead of schedule, save construction costs and improve benefits;
(2) There is no need to install the same project management: it can increase the area and space used for the project, save installation and material costs.
For owners: easy to use, easy to change and reduce energy consumption
(3) Easy to use: the construction of the project is more flexible, and the water system balance will not be affected by the staged completion of the installation of the project or the staged use of the equipment;
(4) Convenient change: When the water system in some areas needs to be redesigned, it will not affect the design and balance of water system in other areas;
(5) Reduce power consumption: As the whole water system is balanced, the refrigeration units (boilers, heat exchangers) and pumps are guaranteed to operate in the best working state, which has obvious energy-saving effect;
(6) Reduce wear and waste: to ensure that water flow will not exceed the original design, to ensure the durability of all equipment, to avoid excessive flow caused by copper pipe loss;
(7) Improving safety: Because the flow balance of water system is automatic, the possibility of destructive regulation is eliminated.
For designers: reduced workload, more flexible
(8) Reduce the workload: do not need to calculate the resistance of the whole pipeline, accelerate the design speed;
(9) It is possible to use different program system boldly: save pipes, corresponding materials and installation costs, and transfer the work of balancing hydraulic system to dynamic flow balancing valve to complete;
(10) Many other troubles caused by unbalanced water system can be avoided.
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