Function and Characteristic of Balance Control Valve

Balance trim control valve is a controllable regulating valve. It adopts direct current valve body structure and has the characteristics of better equal percentage flow. It can distribute flow reasonably and effectively solve the problem of room temperature uneven cooling and heating in heating (air conditioning) system. At the same time, the pressure drop and flow rate can be accurately adjusted to improve the liquid flow state in the pipeline network system so as to achieve the goal of liquid balance and resource saving in the pipeline network. The valve is equipped with an opening index, an opening locking device and a pressure measuring valve for flow measurement. As long as a balance valve with appropriate specifications is installed in each branch and user's entrance, and a special intelligent instrument is used to adjust and control it once, the flow rate of each user can reach the set value. The total water volume of the system is controlled within a reasonable range, thus overcoming the unreasonable phenomenon of "large flow, small temperature difference". Balanced trim control valve is an ideal product in heating system. It can be installed on either water supply pipe or water return pipe. Generally, we recommend that it be installed on water return pipe. Especially for high temperature loop, in order to facilitate debugging, it is more important to install on water return pipe. The water supply (return) pipe with balance valve does not need to install shutoff valve.
Performance and characteristics:
1. Ideal regulation performance;
2. Excellent cut-off function;
3. Open state display with accuracy of 1/10 circle;
4. The theoretical flow characteristic curve is equal percentage characteristic curve.
5. Corresponding to the flow coefficient of each circle, the flow through the valve can be calculated as long as the pressure difference between the two ends of the valve is measured during commissioning.
6. Polytetrafluoroethylene and silica gel seals with reliable sealing performance.
7. The internal components are made of YICr18Ni9 or copper alloy, which has strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
8. Internal lifting stem, no need to reserve operating space.
9. It is a combination valve.

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