Functional Requirements, Selection and Use of Electric Actuated Ball Valve

Ⅰ. Functional requirements of electric actuated ball valve

According to the engineering control requirements, for the electric actuated ball valve, its control function is completed by the electric device. The purpose of applying electric actuated ball valve is to complete non-manual electrical control or computer control for the opening, closing and adjustment of the valve.

The current application of electric devices is not just to save manpower. Since the functions and quality of products of different manufacturers are quite different, the selection of electric devices and the selection of valves are equally important to the project.

Ⅱ. What is the basis for the selection of electric actuated ball valves

1) It is a control element. It is widely used in the application of fluid pipeline systems. It has many uses and has very good effects on controlling flow, pressure, backflow, etc.

Since the quality of the electric actuated ball valve has a great influence on the safety of the pipeline, when choosing an electric ball valve, it must be selected according to certain steps and basis.

2) Determine the diameter of your company's pipeline and know what diameter and connection method you need to choose.

3) According to the needs of the pipeline, first determine some common parameters of the electric actuated ball valve, such as the discharge capacity, the allowable flow resistance, the diameter of the valve seat hole, etc. If these parameters are not selected correctly, the effect of the electric actuated ball valve to control the flow, will be greatly discounted.

4) According to the working temperature of the pipeline to select the appropriate material. Of course, the working pressure of the pipeline should also be taken into account. In addition, it should be reminded that don't rush to choose products, you must first understand what are the popular electric actuated ball valve products and how they perform, and the best way to understand these is to contact many manufacturers of electric ball valves and ask them to provide product catalogs, styles and so on. Only by comparing three stores can we choose the products with the highest cost performance.

Ⅲ. Precautions for the use of electric actuated ball valves in the following environments

1) Indoor installations or outdoor applications with protective methods.

2) Outdoor open-air installations may be eroded by sand, rain, sunlight, etc.

3) With flammable, explosive gas or dust environment.

4) Environment in wet tropics and dry tropics.

5) The temperature of the pipeline medium is as high as 450℃.

6) The ambient temperature is lower than -20℃.

7) Easily flooded or immersed in water.

8) Environment with radioactive substances (nuclear power plants and radioactive substances test equipment).

9) Environment on ships or docks (with salt spray, mold, humidity).

10) Occasions with severe vibration; occasions prone to fire.

For the electric actuated ball valve in the above environment, the electric device structure, material and protection method are all different. Therefore, the corresponding valve electric device should be selected according to the above environment.

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