How to Install the Float Level Valve of Stainless Steel Water Tank?

Stainless steel ball float valve for water tank is mainly used to automatically control the liquid level in the water tank so that the inside water level is not disturbed by water pressure and when you open and close it, it will not leak. It is a stainless steel water tank accessories. So what is the installation process of a float valve? Let's find out.

1. When cistern float valve in stainless steel tank high water level, float level valve or pump control device close the water inlet pipe automatically.

2. The overflow level of cistern float valve should be float level valve damage or pump automatic control device failure, so that the excess water flows out of the pipe. And when the overflow water level is higher than the water level at 50-100, it is appropriate.

3. When the cistern float valve is installed, the low water level should be higher than the bottom of the stainless steel water tank at 200-500, and it will maintain the available volume of stainless steel water tank. So as not to affect the use of emptying. At the same time, it should be higher than the top of the water pipe at 100-500.

4. In order to ensure the water quality, the bottom of the cistern float valve outlet pipe should not be less than 50 above the bottom of the stainless steel tank.

5. The available volume of float level valve of stainless steel water tank should between the bottom of the outlet pipe and the water level.

6. When water tank with inlet pipe diameter of float level valve is greater than or equal to 50, it should set up two water inlet pipe and float level valve. And two pipes should be kept at the same level with the net distance longer than 200.

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