Introduction of Underground Soft Sealed Gate Valve

Underground soft sealing gate valve is also called buried gate valve, which is a kind of underground gate valve. It can be directly buried in the underground without building baskets, which reduces the area of road surface excavation. Minimal well chamber can keep the road beautiful, reduce the difficulty of construction and reduce the cost of construction. Soft-sealed gate valves produced by ZECO valve group co., can be widely used as regulating and closing devices in fluid pipelines such as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, food and energy systems.

Characteristics of underground gate valve

Underground soft-sealed gate valve is a transmission rod installed on the soft-sealed gate valve. Users can open or close the underground gate valve by turning the transmission rod on the ground.

Its advantages are as follows:

1. Easy installation: can be directly buried underground, without the need to build baskets.
2. Easy to open and close: Use the transmission rod on the ground to open and close.
3. Ground subsidence will not affect the normal operation of underground soft-sealed gate valve.
4. The use of socket connection can effectively alleviate the adverse effects of land subsidence on underground gate valves.

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