Application of Grinding Tool for Double Offset Butterfly Valve

Double offset butterfly valve is a kind of butterfly valve which is more and more widely used in the field of valves. Based on the single offset butterfly valve, the center of the butterfly plate is offset at a certain angle to form a double offset sealing structure. It not only retains the advantages of single offset butterfly valve, but also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, easy operation, zero leakage, friction-free opening and closing and compensating sealing with the increase of the torque of the transmission mechanism. Double offset butterfly valves are gradually replacing other types of butterfly valves and are widely used. At present, domestic and foreign manufacturers of butterfly valves pay more and more attention to the production and performance optimization of double offset butterfly valves. Its main characteristics are that the valve body and seat are connected components, and the sealing surface layer of the valve seat is surfaced with heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy materials. The multi-layer soft overlapping seal ring is fixed on the valve plate, which has good sealing performance and long service life. The sealing surface is mostly fixed, and two parallel planes perpendicular to the conical busbar are used to cut the cone, and the solid part between the two planes is taken. The outer surface of the sealing surface is the sealing surface.

The sealing performance of double offset butterfly valve depends on the processing of its sealing surface, so the design of tooling and the application scope of tooling determine the performance and cost of the product. The sealing surface includes the seat sealing surface and the corresponding valve plate sealing surface, and the processing principle is the same. Grinding process analysis: according to the geometrical characteristics of the tri-eccentric butterfly valve, when processing the sealing surface of the valve body, fix the workpiece on a positioning disc with a slope of alpha, and rotate the alpha angle of the vertical lathe tool holder, so that the cone center coincides with the rotary center of the vertical lathe, and move the tool along the direction of the conical bus. However, the sealing performance of double offset butterfly valve is required to be high. The surface roughness Ra of the sealing surface is 1.6m. It must be grinded to meet the requirements.

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