Cast Steel Gate Valve

Gear operated gate valves can be used as efficient on/off valves for two-way flow.One of the most remarkable features of this type of gear operated gate valve is its straight and unobstructed passageway in full open condition.Therefore, industrial gate valves are characterized by minimal turbulence and pressure drop in operation. Although geared gate valves are intended for service with on/off service, they are not recommended for throttling service. Gear operated gate valves have flexible wedges unless otherwise specified by the customer. During opening and closing, the flexible wedge moves along the body and remains in place through a guide groove to minimize friction between the body seat and the wedge.This design is particularly suited to compensate for the slight thermal distortion of the valve's own piping to ensure a better seal between the body and the wedge seat. ZECO Valve Group is currently preparing a batch of 18-inch 1500LB cast steel gear operated gate valves for export to the United States. The high performance products and the high standard of ZECO have created the excellent quality and customer recognition of ZECO.

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