Hydraulic Balancing Valve

Hydraulic balancing valve, also known as automatic balance valve, flow control valve, flow controller, dynamic balance valve, automatic flow valve. Hydraulic balance valve is an intuitive and simple flow control device. The application of hydraulic balancing valve in pipeline network can directly set the flow rate according to the design. The valve of automatic balancing valve can automatically eliminate the flow deviation caused by residual pressure head and pressure fluctuation of pipeline under the action of water. No matter how the system pressure changes, the set flow rate remains unchanged. These functions of hydraulic balancing valve (automatic flow valve) make the flow regulation of pipeline network complete at one time, and make the work of network regulation simple flow distribution, effectively solve the hydraulic imbalance of pipeline network.
Hydraulic balancing valve聽is a new type of regulating valve. Compared with manual control valve, it has the advantage of automatic regulation. Compared with the electric control valve, the advantage of the hydraulic balancing valve is that it does not need external power. The application practice has proved that in closed water circulation system (such as hot water heating system, air conditioning refrigeration system), the correct use of hydraulic balance valve can easily realize the flow distribution of the system, realize the dynamic balance of the system, greatly simplify the commissioning work of the system, and stabilize the working state of the pump. Therefore,聽hydraulic balance聽valve (automatic flow valve) has a broad application prospect in heating and air conditioning engineering.
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