Hydronic Balancing Valve

Hydraulic balance valve, also known as self-operated balance valve, flow control valve, flow controller, dynamic balance valve, flow balance valve, is an intuitive and simple flow adjustment control device. The application of the hydraulic balancing valve in the pipe network allows the flow to be set directly according to the design. The valve automatically eliminates the flow deviation caused by the residual head and pressure fluctuations of the pipeline under the action of water. The set flow rate is maintained regardless of changes in system pressure. These functions of the valve make the pipe network flow adjustment complete once, and the network adjustment work becomes a simple flow distribution, effectively solving the hydraulic imbalance of the pipe network.
Chinese name: hydraulic balance valve
Medium temperature: 0-150 ° C
Working pressure: 1.6MPa
Working temperature: 150 ° C
Scope of application
The hydraulic balance valve is mainly used in centralized heating (cold) and other water systems to distribute the flow of the pipe network as needed, eliminate the hydraulic imbalance of the water system, solve the problem of uneven heat and heat, and save energy and save 15%-20%. .
Performance characteristics
(1) It can set the flow according to the design or actual requirements, which can automatically eliminate the pressure difference fluctuation of the system and keep the flow rate unchanged.
(2) It overcomes the uneven heat and cold of the system and improves the quality of heating (cooling).
(3) It completely solves the contradiction that the pressure difference between the proximal end is large and the pressure difference at the distal end is small.
(4) It can reduce the amount of circulating water in the system and reduce the resistance of the system.
(5) It can reduce the design workload, and does not require complicated hydraulic balance calculation on the pipe network.
(6) It can reduce the difficulty of network adjustment, simplifying complicated network adjustment work into simple traffic distribution.
(7) It can eliminate the traffic redistribution work when the heat source of the multi-heat source pipe network is switched.
(8) The flow rate display values are all randomly calibrated on the test bench, and the flow rate (m3/h).
Technical Parameters
Working pressure difference: 20-600KPa;
Flow accuracy: 5%.
Material and life:
Body - high quality grey cast iron
Internals - brass, stainless steel
Spring - stainless steel
Diaphragm - EPDM
Lifetime - more than ten years
It can be selected according to the pipe diameter.
It can be selected according to the maximum flow rate and the flow range of the valve.
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