Installation of Pneumatic Ball Valve and Method of Prolonging Its Service Life

How is the pneumatic ball valve installed? Can the pneumatic ball valve be installed vertically?

The pneumatic ball valve can be installed vertically. Generally, the installation on the pipeline can be divided into parallel installation and vertical installation, which is based on the actual situation of the customer. However, we suggest that the parallel installation is generally the best, which is convenient for maintenance and very beautiful. But in many special cases, the pneumatic ball valve can also be installed vertically. Because the customer said that there is not enough space for parallel installation of pipes, then install them vertically, which will not affect the service life.

Pneumatic ball valve seal generally has four seal components: stem seal ring, middle seal ring, two seal rings on both sides.

Valve stem seal ring refers to the seal ring where the valve stem operates, generally PDFE and flexible graphite are used for more than two; intermediate seal ring refers to the seal connecting the valve body in the middle, generally PDFE and graphite metal composite gasket are used for more than two; two side seal rings are: the inlet and outlet seal rings on both sides of the ball core, generally PDFE and ppl seal (high temperature resistant seal ring).

Pneumatic ball valve includes two main parts: actuator and valve. There are two kinds of actuators: single acting and double acting.

So how to make your pneumatic ball valve buy over and easy to use and long life?

This is based on the customer's field use to determine the life of your pneumatic ball valve. The way to extend the service life of pneumatic ball valve is to first keep the air source stable on site. A stable air source can directly affect the opening and closing speed of your valve and the service life of the valve sealing ring. It is better to install a two-way piece on each actuator. This two-way piece can not only provide stable air pressure, but also regularly oil the cylinder, and also discharge the moisture in the air to make the cylinder The service life is greatly improved. The service life of the valve is determined by the medium used on site.

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