Reasons of Hydraulic Maladjustment

(1)Design Reason

There are some problems of unreasonable design in pipe network design.The diameter of the pipe network adopted in the design drawing is generally too large, resulting in the mismatch between the diameter selection of the newly laid pipe network and the original pipe network, resulting in the imbalance of the hydraulic balance of the entire pipe network.

(2)Construction Reason

Under the premise of reasonable design, construction quality control is one of the important links for the whole project to achieve its investment benefits, which is mainly reflected in the construction installation and construction acceptance stage. Because material supply less, delays, the construction team with experience to change the construction drawing design, in addition, the level of technology, also determines the merits of the construction quality, such as the construction of the corners and large pieces of debris into the heating pipe network, the formation of partial occlusion, heating network turn at will, but not set drainage, such as exhaust device.These directly affect the guarantee of project quality, resulting in a large deviation between the actual construction situation and the theoretical design, hydraulic imbalance is common.

(3)Running Reason

①Corrosion and scaling of pipe network increase the resistance coefficient of pipe network and lead to hydraulic imbalance;
②Maintenance is not timely.Pipe network accessories failed, valve opening can not meet the requirements;
③Pipeline private connection is disorderly. When the heating pipe network system is reformed, the pipeline laying line and pipeline valve are changed at will for the convenience of construction.The new grid-connected pipeline does not adopt the nearby path without the design permission, and the pipe diameter is arbitrarily designed, which destroys the hydraulic balance of the original pipe network;
④Bad client operation. For their own personal desire, some hot users steal the heating water of the system, alter the indoor pipeline layout without authorization, and add radiator plates to the indoor without authorization, which will increase the resistance coefficient of the pipe network, increase the deviation between the actual flow of the pipe and the theoretical design flow, and have a great impact on the hydraulic condition of the heating pipe network.
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