The Use, Characteristics and Advantages of Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valve

Ⅰ. The use of pressure independent balancing control valve

Two-pipe or four-pipe heating or cooling systems feature changing conditions by opening and closing valves as needed for heating or cooling. This continuously causes changes in flow and differential pressure, and without proper measurement, such systems suffer from uneven heat distribution, energy inefficiency and are very difficult to debug.

To avoid these problems, pressure independent balancing and control valves (PICVs) offer the best and easiest solution.

With the addition of an actuator, these pressure-independent balancing and control valve valves can be used as flow-restricting control valves, automatically balancing the system and providing optimum indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Commissioning of the system is much easier, simply set all valves to design flow before installing the actuator.

We offer a wide range of pressure independent balancing and control valves and matching actuators.

Ⅱ. Features and benefits of pressure independent balancing control valve

1. Stable room temperature

The pressure independent balancing control valve eliminates overflow under partial load conditions, which has a significant effect on room temperature stability.

2. Improve indoor comfort

Indoor comfort increases as room temperature stabilizes. Accurately meet the desired temperature, increase the productivity of office workers or improve the experience of hotel guests.

3. Energy saving

Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valves Perfectly balanced systems increase energy efficiency and save energy costs under all conditions.

4. Reduce maintenance costs

The actuator mounted on it requires less movement to keep the temperature stable thanks to the pressure-independent balancing and control valve valves that ensure perfect working conditions. This increases the life of the actuator and reduces maintenance costs.

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