What Is Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve? What Is a Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve?

The butterfly valve is one of the most widely used valve products. We often have midline soft seal butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve, and three eccentric butterfly valve products. Usually, midline soft-sealed butterfly valves are mainly used in normal temperature and low-pressure working environment, such as water supply and drainage, water conservancy projects, municipal construction and other fields, such valves are the most common. So what is double eccentric butterfly valve, what is triple eccentric butterfly valve, and where are they used?

What is double eccentric butterfly valve?

Double eccentric butterfly valve seat material using tetrafluoroethylene material, can effectively prevent corrosion, in addition, can also use metal seal seat, to adapt to high-temperature working conditions. But the double eccentric butterfly valve with metal seal seat, the sealing surface of butterfly plate and the seat is linear contact, and the seal belongs to position seal structure. This kind of seal structure cannot withstand high pressure. If used in the high-pressure condition, a large number of leakage will occur, so in a high pressure, working environment or strict system should be cut off. In general, do not use double eccentric butterfly valve with metal seats.

The double eccentric butterfly valve is used in water supply and drainage, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, textile, paper making, hydropower, metallurgy, energy, and other fields.

What is triple eccentric butterfly valve?

Tri-eccentric butterfly valve not only absorbs the advantages of other butterfly valve products but also avoids the shortcomings of other butterfly valves, which has attracted more and more attention from users and technicians. The tri-eccentric butterfly valve has great room for sealing material selection and can cope with high and low temperature and various corrosive media such as acid and alkali. In addition, the triple eccentric butterfly valve can achieve zero leakage, especially suitable for making large caliber valves, and can replace gate valves and ball valves in the use of cut-off valves, and can replace bulky globe valves in the use of flow regulation.

At present, tri-eccentric butterfly valves are used in important pipelines in oil exploitation, petroleum refining, petrochemical, energy power generation, and other industrial fields. With people's continuous research, it is believed that tri-eccentric butterfly valves will be applied to more and more fields.

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